HHWebradio stops with their activities... Why???

It all started 3,5 years ago, when we began to stream hardcore mp3's and livesets to our friends. After some time we decided to go further in steaming our favourite music through the internet drinking a lot of coffee made with the best coffee maker after we did a lot of research which is the best coffee maker with the best reviews.

HHWebradio started in December 2003, after we got a pretty fast internet connection. The server was based on our own connection, and we bought a dedicated PC for the music and server! This way we could keep the radio online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We had a maximum capacity of around 25 listeners at once, so this wasn't much! After some time we found someone who could host a 200 listeners slots server at 48 kbps for us for free!

The radio was running great and the server was full allmost every afternoon and evening! After a while we decided to let live DJ's play one or two evenings in the week! We managed to set up our own small studio in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), were our guest DJ's could play! This was a big succes!

HHWebradio had some very good months with their live performances, but our host decided to shut our server down. So we were forced to set up the server on our own connection again. We managed to get some relay server, so the maximum listeners slots was around 50!

After a while we found a better method of streaming to our listeners: with our own player! This was more reliable, the quality was better, and we could stream and serve from one home in Nederweert (The Netherlands)! The listeners only needed to install a little plugin if they wanted to listen! On the new player we had a top of around 140 listeners at once!

In December 2004 disaster struck! A copyright organisation (SENA) caught us, because we were streaming illigal copyright protected material! In Holland you have to pay a licence if you want to stream copyright protected material such as mp3's! HHWebradio got a fine, and we needed to pay a lot of money to the SENA. After this we closed the radio for a few days!

The HHWebradio Crew didn't want to quit with streaming to their listeners, so we started looking for a solution. After some research we decided that we could go on with the webradio, if we played only non-commercial music. This means only unreleased tracks (tracks just made for fun). These tracks aren't copyright protected, so we didn't have to pay a copyright license for these tracks!

We also decided to play more music styles, from hardcore and terror till jumpstyle! This way we could get more tracks, because unreleased (non-commercial) tracks were difficult to find!

HHWebradio has been running 3,5 years, and played unreleased tracks for 2,5 years!
Now we deciced to quit the station. This has 2 main reasons:

- Our main pc crashed on June 20, 2007. This shouldn't have been a problem, but a few days before our backup server died, so all our unreleased material was gone, which we collected in the past 2,5 years. Recovering all this material will take loads of time!

- Running a radio station takes a lot of time, and it was getting more and more difficult to get some free time for the radio. Now, after the crash, it seems to be impossible for us to make HHWebradio the way it was...

HHWebradio wants to thank all the DJ's, Producers, Listeners, and everyone else for their support in the past 3,5 years!

Poeple can contact us at info@hhwebradio.com

This page will stay online as a Hardcore Ringtone page till our hosting contract is over...

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